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Mission Education

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An initiative by Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti

We support the education of underprivileged students across the world. It was started by Shradhey Ji and Suyesh Ji, the sons of Spiritual Master Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj in 2014. It has been observed that majority of students dropout even from free schooling facility primarily on account of their parent’s inability/reluctance to afford the recurring expenditure of books and stationery.

  • Vision
  • Mission Education has been started with a vision of bridging the gap between haves and have-nots in the society by creating a linkage between the privileged and under privileged students.
  • Approach
  • We collect unused books, stationery and other useful items from students of privileged schools by installing a donation box in those schools and distribute them to the needy students.


Why think to join us?



  • Goal of Education: Character development
  • ‘Value Creation system’ within ‘Education system’


  • Establishing linkages between the well-off and the deprived
  • Planting seeds of virtue in the future of the nation

Act of Charity

  • Helping needy students with necessary stationery items and support

Building records is what makes us special

Guinness World Record on 3rd December 2018. The biggest donation in 24 hours making it so big, that even awards are less. Distribution of Stationary weighted 16404.53 kg with over 16385 beneficiaries in about 27 schools.

  • All with a brief mindset of making something good
  • Your contribution
  • More than 5lkh+ Beneficiaries till now

Online Global Quiz 2021 bags Two World Records

We bagged World Records from UNIVERSAL AMAZING WORLD RECORD and WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS LONDON in the category of conducting "Largest Online Quiz". Total 52396 people registered for the Quiz & 50107 people participated in Quiz From 63 Countries across the Globe.


Know our Organization

Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti is a registered organization inspired by Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj to disseminate the knowledge of ‘Manav Dharam’. It is a spiritual, charitable and voluntary social welfare organization. It serves at a global level with the objective of awakening the dormant consciousness within human beings.

School on Wheels

In addition to distributing stationery, we have also started School on Wheels in 2017 to literate children by providing primary education to those who are deprived of education, dwelling in slum areas or the wards of construction labours.

  • Our team of teachers and volunteers travel to those particular areas to educate children there.
  • The children there board the Mission Education bus and then are taught some basic concept of education by our volunteers.
  • We are running School on wheels at 11 Centers now.

School on Spot

In addition to School on wheels, we have also started School on spot in 2020 to literate children by providing primary education to those who are deprived of education.

  • Our team of teachers and volunteers travel to those particular areas to educate children.
  • We are running School on Spot at 25 centers now.

How we work?

We build relations with just a simple process

Understanding where to place the box

A Drop Box is placed by the team for collection of books and stationery inside any school, college, company or any center where we interact and explain them the objective of Mission Education and the purpose of placing the drop box.

We expect only stationary items.

Students or donors who would like to donate, need to drop the unused stationery in the drop box placed in their center. Stationery could include books, notebooks, registers, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, scales, geometry and other useful items. No cash/cheque is to be dropped in the drop box.

Stationery collected from the drop box is segregated

Our team reviews and segregates the collected stationery from the drop box so that the stationery only which are in usable and good condition are distributed to the kids who need them the most.

Where the stationary is needed the most

The centers where the drop boxes are placed, are notified about the centers of distribution to maintain transparency at its best. Also interested person from the collection center can accompany the team during the distribution process.

Where happiness arrives

With heart filled by great happiness, the stationery collected is distributed to the students of schools with economically poor backgrounds and students who need them the most.


We are up to organising places


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